In everyday life an exact assessment of the diet situation, nutritional status, physical activity as well as a monitoring and controlling of nutritional and exercise therapies pose a high challenge for patients in difficult nutritional conditions.
To master this challenge telemedical procedures can provide new possibilities, helping the patients to record their diet, exercise and relevant physical data digitally. Thereby an optimal therapeutical governance can be reached telemedically.

Especially for cancer patients, patients with chronic inflammatory bowel disease and patients with chronic intestinal failure /short bowel syndrome telemedical monitoring of nutritional and exercise therapies is expected to increase therapeutic success.

In the area of telemedicine we support research groups developing innovative digital methods for a fast and valid assessment and analysis of nutritional medicine aspects, of exercise and activity patterns as well as of physical data of a patient. Using these new telemedic methods the achievement of therapeutic targets can be supported, the quality of nutritional medicine care can be improved and potential complications can be avoided.