What we support

The aim of our non-profit society is to improve the nutritional situation of persons with cancer, allergies and food intolerances, chronic inflammatory bowel disease or chronic bowel failure.

In order to achieve this, the society supports clinical and experimental research groups at the University Hospital Erlangen and the University Erlangen-Nuremberg, who

  • study tumor cachexia, loss and pathological change of musculature in cancer as well as the possibilities to influence these conditions by nutrition, exercise and sports aiming at the development of new and effective treatment concepts utilizing nutrition, exercise and sports. In addition the society supports clinics that will put these new concepts into practice for the benefit of the patients.


  • develop new diagnostic and therapeutic options in the field of allergies and food intolerances


  • improve the situation of patients with chronic inflammatory bowel disease sustainably by individualized nutrition and exercise therapy


  • develop innovative telemedical methods for a fast and valid assessment and analysis of nutritional medicine aspects, of exercise and activity patterns as well as of physical data of a patient. Using these new telemedic methods the achievement of therapeutic targets can be supported and the quality of nutritional medicine care can be improved.


  • Explore the influence of diet on the intestinal flora and the influence of the bacterial flora as a cause of food intolerances.


Moreover, the society supports activities (like symposia, Physician-Patient-Seminars) of these clinical and experimental research groups aiming at making the acquired knowledge of new diagnostic and new or im-proved therapeutic treatments available to afflicted persons, to the interested public, and to the scientific community as well as to putting it into practice. It is a key concern of the society to optimally support the afflicted persons in the region of Erlangen by offering innovative nutrition, exercise and sports programs.