Welcome to NUMEAS,

the society of Nutritional Medicine and

Exercise & Sports in Cancer

The aim of the non-profit “Society of Nutritional Medicine, Exercise and Sports” is to improve the situation of people in difficult nutritional conditions, especially cancer, allergies or food intolerances, chronic inflammatory bowel disease or chronic bowel failure.

To gain more insight into the diverse effects of nutrition-related impairment the society  supports academic research in nutritional medicine, and exercise- and sport-therapeutic science, both performed at clinics and institutes of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. In parallel to these efforts, the society plays an important role in making the acquired knowledge about new diagnostic methods, and improved or novel therapeutic treatments available to afflicted persons, to the interested public, and to the scientific community.

The overall goal of the “Society of Nutritional Medicine, Exercise and Sports” is to apply new and innovative nutrition, exercise and sports programs to patients living in the Erlangen/Nuremberg area that suffer from nutritional deficiency along with their primary disease.