18.06.2016: Physician-Patients-Seminar

The society is supporting certified Physician-Patients-Seminars on nutritional medicine topics in the Erlangen region addressing patients, physicians and dieticians and having a core theme each time with dedicated lectures. The lectures and discussion forums will present the latest developments and therapeutical options. The participants have the chance to ventilate their questions on site with the speakers.


16.10.2016: “Run against Cancer”

„Sports and Exercise  – a healthy city with healthy citizens“
After a successful premiere in 2014, the second charity run “Run against cancer” took place in the Erlangen castle garden on Oct 18th 2015. For impressions of this event, click


26.11.2016: Symposium for Nutritional Medicine

Annually the Hector-Center for Clinical and Experimental Nutritional Medicine, Department of Medicine 1 of the University Hospital Erlangen, is organizing a scientific nutritional medicine symposium.

The society supports this certified meeting. Program coming soon !