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Lectures for Citizens

The society supports Lectures for Citizens in which the citizens of the metropolitan area of Erlangen-Nuremberg will be informed comprehensibly by renowned experts on the latest nutritional medicine topics and on new research results. The topics are intended to elucidate preventive and therapeutic aspects of nutrition.


Annually the Hector-Center for Clinical and Experimental Nutritional Medicine, Department of Medicine 1 of the University Hospital Erlangen, is organizing a scientific nutritional medicine symposium. The sympo-sium is a settled date for advanced training of nutritional medicine professionals. It is interdisciplinary to take the interdisciplinary aspects of nutritional medicine care for patients into account. The close team work of different specialist disciplines and professional groups is crucial for the development of new thera-peutical concepts and for a successful therapy.

In addition the symposium is supposed to strengthen and extend the cooperation of different clinics, resi-dent physicians and all dieticians of the Franconian region and to advance the interdisciplinary exchange of experiences.

The society supports this certified meeting. This year’s date for the symposium is Nov. 26th, 2016.



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Media Reports

The society supports media dissemination of new nutritional medicine research results in the fields of cancer, chronic inflammatory bowel disease or chronic bowel failure as well as allergies and food into-lerances.

Charity Run

Sports, exercise and a healthy diet can not only reduce the risk of developing cancer, but can also have a decisive influence on therapy and prognosis after cancer treatment. The charity run “Run against Cancer”, taking placed annually and being organized and conducted by the society, signalizes the importance of exercise and nutrition in the prevention and therapy of cancer. The event is supported by the patron of the the Run, the President of the University. Individuals or groups can participate, giving school classes, Societies or groups of collegues the possibility to jointly commit to the good cause.

The event is supported financially or with non-monetary resources by different sponsors and promoters.

The received monetary resources are being used to support research projects and information campaigns on dietary and exercise questions in cancer disease as well as to support therapeutical exercise and sports programs for patients with cancer.

The third charity run “Run against Cancer” will take place on Oct. 16th, 2016, in the castle garden of Erlangen. You will find further information on the charity run’s webpage



The society is supporting certified Physician-Patients-Seminars on nutritional medicine topics in the Erlan-gen region addressing patients, physicians and dieticians and having a core theme each time with dedicated lectures. The lectures and discussion forums will present the latest developments and therapeutical options. The participants have the chance to ventilate their questions on site with the speakers.

The next Physician-Patients-Seminar will take place in Erlangen on June 18th, 2016.